Wall St Jnl Article: The Baffling Legal Gray Zone of Marijuana at the Airport

The contradiction between federal and local laws can feel especially confusing to travelers in states where pot has been legalized

Here’s the introduction to their piece on the issue


In the cloudy world of travel with marijuana, what gets dispensed in Vegas should probably get smoked in Vegas.

Marijuana tourism is booming here, as it has in Colorado, Oregon and elsewhere. But what’s allowed and what’s legal at airports and hotels can feel like a confounding set of contradictions.

Possessing limited quantities of recreational marijuana is legal in Denver and Las Vegas, but it’s illegal at the airports in those cities. Not true in Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle, where possession at the airport is allowed up to certain limits.

And what may be legal locally isn’t legal federally, or in most destination states. It’s also illegal to transport marijuana across state lines, even from one state where it’s legal to another. So the federal Transportation Security Administration is in a tough spot. TSA is supposed to be looking for things that get you killed, not high.

Read full story: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-baffling-legal-gray-zone-of-marijuana-at-the-airport-11567589405

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