Washington: Re-Licensing Process Not Going As Smoothly As Envisaged

MJ Biz have highlighted some of the teething problems associated with the new regime – here’s the piece

The newest licensing round for medical dispensaries hoping to stay in business in Washington State is almost over, the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced this week.

The confusion may be just beginning, however.

Some dispensaries involved in the licensing process as Washington rolls medical cannabis businesses into its recreational system have experienced issues in the transition.

Jeremy Kaufman, a co-founder of Seattle MMJ dispensary The CPC, already won and received one of the new licenses the state is awarding.

But because of some miscommunication from LCB officials, Kaufman said, he’s had to temporarily close down his dispensary.

The problem is he requested that his entire 3,000-square-foot dispensary be licensed under the new system. The request was granted, and Kaufman said he was told that he could continue selling medical cannabis (at a much lower tax rate than rec) at least until July 1.
Another LCB official told him on Monday that he’s not permitted to do that under the new state regulations because there’s a jurisdictional conflict between the LCB, which oversees rec, and the city of Seattle, which oversees his medical business.

“So I’m scrambling right now, bargaining with the LCB to let me change my site plan so I can split the dispensary in the middle, with half medical and half rec until July 1,” Kaufman said. “It’s the biggest pain in the ass ever.”

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