Washington Rolls Out Own Seed To Sale System… Early Reports From Users Say It’s More Crap Than MJ Freeway


Apparently yes!

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Washington state is rolling out its own marijuana seed-to-sale traceability system after having relied on the private sector for years, but so far, the government-run platform’s debut this month has been less than smooth.

Business owners say the new system is riddled with bugs and glitches, costing companies thousands of dollars in lost time and extra employee hours to comply – all when the industry is gearing up for the Christmas shopping rush.

The bumpy rollout underscores the difficulties of developing from scratch a key regulatory platform to oversee the recreational cannabis supply chain, from seed to sale.

Washington is believed to be among the first states to launch such a system with the aim of simplifying the process.

“The idea that this was all magically going to come together in the matter of a few months was just a pipe dream,” said Bob Ramstad, owner of Seattle-based OZ. Recreational Cannabis.

“Doing all of this during the holidays is just downright cruel.”

After more than five years of using a third-party vendor, the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) introduced the new Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) on Dec. 7 in order to move away from Akerna’s Leaf Data System.

Marijuana companies in Washington state are now required to submit weekly reports via the CCRS instead of Leaf, which will be unavailable after Dec. 18.

In a recent news release, the LCB said: “As with any new system, there can be challenges that arise when using a new technical resource.”

The agency added that it “appreciates the patience and partnerships happening now as employees and licensees move forward on the new reporting system.”

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