Washington DC: House Panel Directs Military To Review Cannabis Penalties For Soldiers And Study Medical Cannabis As Opioid Alternative

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A key House committee on Wednesday approved two amendments to a must-pass defense spending bill that deal with marijuana- related issues in the armed services.

Both measures cleared the House Armed Services Committee on voice votes during a markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The first, from Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD), concerns cannabis sentencing standards under military code. The other from, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA), calls for a Department of Defense (DOD)-led study into the medical efficacy of cannabis over opioids for certain conditions.

Brown’s proposal would mandate that the Military Justice Review Panel “develop recommendations specifying appropriate sentencing ranges for offenses involving the use and possession of marijuana” under military code.

The panel’s recommendations would need to include a comparative analysis on sentencing standards for cannabis-based offenses versus other “comparable offenses, such as offenses involving the misuse of alcohol.” They would also need to take into account the “overall burden on the military justice system on the current approach of the Department of Defense to sentencing marijuana-based offenses.”  so that it will make it easier for a Washington DC cannabis delivery service  to operate.

A report with recommendations from the panel would need to be submitted to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees within 180 days of the measure’s enactment.

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House Panel Directs Military To Review Marijuana Penalties For Soldiers And Study Medical Cannabis As Opioid Alternative


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