Webinar: Pre-Cannabis License Application Strategies




Thu, Mar 18, 2021



Applying for a cannabis license is a complex process. Advance preparation, knowing the state and local regulations, and assembling a team of experienced industry advisors are critical steps. Before diving into the application process, or if you are already started and need some guidance, learn how to increase your chances of developing a winning application. On March 17 at 10:30 AM (MST), Peter Prevot, Director of Bridge West’s Application Advisory Services, and Gary Hess of Dynamic Growth Solutions , will present a complimentary webinar, “Pre-Application Strategies.” In this presentation, our experienced Application Advisory Services Team will cover the essential information entrepreneurs need to know to navigate the application process and acquire a cannabis license. Join this webinar to learn how to: – Organize a winning team – Select and acquire real estate, property, and a facility – Develop a business plan that demonstrates your expertise – Build a successful financial model Moderated by: – Jim Marty, CEO and Founder of Bridge West Bridge West’s Cannabis Application Services Group can help your business navigate the cannabis licensing application process and set you up for success. Whether you focus on cultivating, processing, distributing, or retail, our experienced Advisory Services Team can help. With over ten years of experience serving cannabis clients nationwide, we know the industry inside and out and we are uniquely positioned to help you succeed.



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