Weedmaps found to be listing illegal businesses again, complaints filed with regulators

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Weedmaps, the popular California-based marijuana advertising site and store finder, is again hosting ads for illegal retailers and products, according to complaints filed with state and federal regulators.
MJBizDaily Chief Correspondent John Schroyer was able to confirm some of the allegations against Weedmaps, although the company has maintained that it has a “trust and safety” department that is responsible for vetting companies that advertise on its platform.
Weedmaps, which said it’s not yet seen the state and federal complaints, declined to provide further comment despite repeated requests from MJBizDaily.
It’s unclear whether Weedmaps will face any penalties from regulators, however, since it has defended itself in the past as being only a tech platform akin to Yelp or Craigslist. A cease-and-desist order from California state officials in 2018 regarding illegal cannabis ads at the time has not been enforced.
But the complaints – filed by a legal Southern California marijuana delivery company – contend that Weedmaps knows it’s hosting illegal companies and doesn’t care that its actions are undercutting the same legal marketplace that it aims to serve.
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