Weedweek scoop finds cannabis companies Cookies & Old Pal teaming up with outfit run by former opioid executive

Here’s the introduction from Weedweek.

Before we get to that it is worth noting that this has been happening down in Tasmania for a while too..

Tasmania: One Of World’s Largest Legal Opioids Producers Tries To Wash Away Sins By Opening Medical Cannabis Facility


Weedweek write by way of introduction

SCOOP: Cookies, Old Pal partner with ex-opioid boss

California-based brands Cookies and Old Pal have signed partnerships with a plant biotech company led by a former opioid executive.

22nd Century Group CEO James Mish formerly led Noramco, a manufacturer of the active ingredients in prescription opioids sold by its former parent company Johnson & Johnson and competing opioid companies.

NASDAQ-traded 22nd Century develops proprietary varieties of tobacco, cannabis and hops plants.

  • (Cannabis: Our “expertise in bioinformatics and molecular genetics helps us to pinpoint and accurately change the genetics of specific plant traits to suit market needs.”)

While partnerships between tobacco and weed companies have become increasingly common, the Cookies and Old Pal deals show a willingness to associate with the opioid industry. It also raises questions about the litigation Cookies is facing.

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