Well that didn’t last long ! Morocco Government Postpones Cannabis Legalization Bill Debate – Indefinately

All that international press attention must have scared them off the idea.

Morocco World News reports..

Morocco’s government council today has postponed the discussion on the details of its planned bill to legalize the production of medicinal and therapeutic cannabis

Morocco Government Postpones Cannabis Legalization Bill Debate
Morocco’s government decided to temporarily postpone discussion of the country’s cannabis legalization plans.

The bill aims to permit the legal production of cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic use, to be produced in Morocco’s traditional cannabis-growing region.

The bill, initially developed by Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior, was briefly discussed by the cabinet today. Morocco’s government decided to temporarily postpone discussion of the country’s cannabis legalization plans.

Discussing details

A broad overview of the government’s plans has been available to the public ever since the government announced it would discuss the previously taboo topic.

Morocco’s efforts to partially legalize its famous cannabis industry have happened both suddenly and rapidly. The government announced it would approve the plan mere days after it first announced it would discuss the emirates of the “legal use of cannabis,” early last week.

The bill aims to lift many cannabis farmers from Morocco’s northern regions out of poverty and illegality by allowing the cultivation of the cash crop exclusively in this region.

Which areas the government will designate for cultivation has not been determined as of yet.

Another step 

Today, Morocco took another important step towards the goal of legalizing the production of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Morocco first indicated its newfound perspective on cannabis at the UN on December 2. Morocco voted in favor of reclassifying cannabis on the international level to emphasize the plant’s medicinal qualities.

That vote opened the door to a new approach on cannabis in Morocco. The government has indicated its new plan aims to protect farmers and dislodge organized crime from Morocco’s illicit cannabis industry.

Still much remains unclear for millions of cannabis users in Morocco, as well as tourists eager to sample Morocco’s famous plant during their visit to the country.

Incomplete legalization

While Morocco’s government appears ready to eventually discuss legalizing part of its illicit industry, the majority of cannabis production is likely to remain within the domains of organized crime instead of the government’s new agency in charge of regulating the local cannabis industry.

The partial legalization does however provide hope for a new fact-based approach towards cannabis in Morocco. After years of demonization, the country appears ready to benefit from an industry that has for decades grown in the shadows.

Morocco produces an estimated 70% of Europe’s cannabis products, yet only a fraction of this production is included in the government’s plans.

Much of the country’s exports as well as Morocco’s domestic market mainly revolve around cannabis for non-medical use that, although equally harmless to medicinal cannabis, remains heavily stigmatized.

Source:  https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2021/03/336574/morocco-government-postpones-cannabis-legalization-bill-debate/?mc_cid=9938a76711&mc_eid=ffca6542f9



There’s also this

Cannabis Legalization: Algerian Media Attack Morocco

Algerian media are heavily reporting on the bill, including Rabat’s internal affair in their hostile campaign against Morocco.

Radio Algerienne published recently a hostile article attacking Morocco and accusing it of attempting to cover up the economic crisis with the cannabis bill.

The radio claimed that Morocco’s cannabis legalization debate is an attempt by the Moroccan political class to distract public attention away from the country’s profound political and socio-economic crises.

“The government has found no way out, apart from adopting a business that it sees to legalize to silence the voices demanding to live in dignity,” the radio reported.

Radio Algerienne also accused Morocco of being the first supplier of cannabis to Algeria.

Morocco’s Council of Ministers discussed a draft bill on the potential legalization of cannabis therapeutic use on Thursday last week.

The government office said that more discussion on the bill will take place in the coming weeks.

The government also said it will approve the bill when discussions are completed.

Source:  https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2021/03/336435/cannabis-legalization-algerian-media-attack-morocco/?mc_cid=9938a76711&mc_eid=ffca6542f9

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