West Australian Media Outlet Gets (fake) Riled Up By Cannabis Party MP’s Xmas Cards

Regular readers at CLR will know that we don’t always fall on the side of Dr Walker but when it comes to his xmas cards  we say what’s the problem.

Here’s some fake outrage by West Australian news outlet The West

Legalised Cannabis MP Brian Walker has sent controversial Christmas cards emphasising the potential financial contribution weed could deliver to the WA budget.

Wishing all West Aussies “hempy holidays”, the front of the card features a festive cartoon where Dr Walker is superimposed on a cheerful looking Santa.

Bizarrely, he is depicted holding a wooden box overflowing with money, with “for WA, $1.25B” written on the front.

“Wishing you high spirits and hempy holidays. This Christmas, let’s unwrap the gift of economic growth by legalising cannabis,” Dr Walker wrote.

It was signed with “your friend, Dr Brian Walker”.





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