What Strain Makes You Laugh the Most?

It may seem unbelievable that a single plant could have so many things to offer. Traditionally used for its remarkable medical properties, kratom has a multitude of benefits, such as boosting energy, improving sleep, sharpening and focusing the intellect, and promoting happy and euphoric feelings.  

But is it possible that kratom can make you laugh? The answer is yes. There are kratom strains that react with certain receptors in your body, and you feel that out-of-the-world experience.

In this article, we will talk about the different kratom strains that will make you laugh your heart out.  We’ll discuss everything that will assist you in choosing the best euphoric Kratom. 


Best Kratom Strains to Make You Laugh

While all kratom strains originate from the same plant, their physiological effects may vary depending on the cultivation, harvesting, drying, and fermentation processes.  Various kratom strains have different effects that vary according to the concentration of their alkaloids. Let’s check the specific strains that deliver the happy or laughing kratom experience.  


  • Maeng Da Kratom Strain

It is one of the most popular kratom strains known for euphoria, laughter, and happiness. Due to its high alkaloid concentration, it is a darling for many kratom users. This strain also elevates mood and gives a feeling of gratitude. It also has anti-anxiety effects and provides calmness and relaxation. The users claim that this strain made them laugh, and they had mixed euphoria-like feelings. 

If you want to know more about the different strains of kratom, you can check this post. to learn more about the types of kratom strains and their effects on our bodies. 


  • White Borneo Kratom Strain

Grown and harvested on the island of Borneo, it is known for its euphoric effect. The strain is known to yield fast yet effective results. Besides happiness and euphoria, this strain is the best choice to boost energy and feel better. Because of its stimulating nature, White Borneo has uplifting and energizing effects. 


  • Green Malay Kratom Strain

It is one of the strongest strains, having 40 active alkaloids. The concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine is the highest in this strain. This substance is responsible for getting that happiness euphoric effect. Green Malay is your go-to strain if you are feeling gloomy and down. It also uplifts the mood, stimulates the mind, and boosts energy. 


  • Bali Kratom

This strain is famous for its recreational effect. Straight from the jungles of Bali, Indonesia, it delivers high levels of happiness and euphoria by enhancing your mood. The properties of this strain resemble that of opiates minus the side effects.

Purchasing the best kratom strain is very crucial; you must research the site before making your decision. Adulterated kratom can be harmful to your health and can cause serious problems.

Why Does Kratom Make You Laugh?

Kratom has alkaloids that bind to the receptors present inside our bodies. This results in the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pleasure and happiness. Dopamine and energy levels are inextricably linked. Most stimulants affect dopamine and produce euphoria, including coffee and amphetamines.

Here is how Kratom works:

  1. Kratom causes a dopamine surge that fills the brain, causing euphoria and feeling of happiness.

  2. The following dopamine surge stimulates the reward system, resulting in pleasure and excitement and increased motivation, sociability, and overall appreciation for life. 


There are different types of kratom strains, and they have various benefits. You must choose the strain that helps you get that euphoric or happy feeling.

Ideal Kratom Dosage for Laughter

Potency-wise, Kratom is an extremely particular plant. Take too much, and you may feel lightheaded and sick. The dosage of Kratom is very important. For this particular effect of making you feel happy, a 3-8 gram dose is usually preferable. 

To help you understand kratom dosage for euphoria, we can generally divide Kratom into gram dosage levels as follows:  


  • Dosage for beginners: 1-2 g  
  • Low, moderate dose: 3-4 g  
  • Full-spectrum average dose: 5-6 g  
  • High full-spectrum dose: 7-8 g  
  • Sedating dose: anything over 8 g (depending on how you react to Kratom) 


Things to keep in mind while consuming Kratom

Kratom is a very beneficial substance, but if you are new to kratom, you must know a few things before taking it. 

  • For positive exhilaration, aim for the lower end of the dosage range. 
  • The usual range of dosages for stimulating the effects of kratom is 1-3  grams. 
  • You will go from a stimulating to a sleepy state if you take in a lot more. 
  • A mid-dose will initially give you a fair energy boost, then gradually wear you out. At this point, euphoria will be apparent throughout the entire interaction.
  • Higher dosages, ranging from 5-12 grams, may have more calming effects and keep you from feeling as euphoric. However, it is recommended to start with lower doses first.


There would be an exception to this rule when using a red strain. Users of red strains are generally more drawn to the plant’s calming effects than its mood-boosting ones. According to Outlook India, one of the best vendors where you can get high-quality Kratom strains is Happy Go Leafy. Their products are third-party lab tested, and don’t make a hole in your pocket.

Conclusion: What Strain Makes You Laugh the Most?

This leads to the end of this article, kratom is a wonderful substance; it can relieve your pain, uplift your mood, and even make you laugh. Knowing which strains can help you achieve that happiness is a must. Along with that, dosage also plays an important part. 

When starting with small doses of Kratom, it’s a good idea to learn about it first. When people find out how little of the plant is needed to achieve the desired effects, they are usually taken aback. 

Depending on the dosage amount, different effects might be more pronounced for other individuals. Take your time to find the dosage that suits your needs. 

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