What you need to know about teen vaping


Teen vaping demonstrates one of the fastest growing trends in the United States and shows some worrying results.  Vaping first started as a way to quit smoking cigarettes, eventually weaning yourself off completely.  In the last decade though, vaping rose to be popular amongst youtubers.  The spark created a large influx in teen vaping.  Unfortunately, the science is not completely solid on where the issue lies, but here are some things you should know about teen smoking.

First and foremost, vaping contains nicotine.  Even the juices labeled as zero nicotine have been found to have trace amounts within them.  Nicotine proves to be an extremely addictive substance that can be one of the most painful and hardest journeys to detox from.  Worse, is that in young adults it can affect brain development.  It can also show an increase in blood pressure, lung disease, and immune system health.  Nicotine is disastrous for young adults, especially when they are more susceptible to addiction the younger they are.

Addiction starts as one of the largest concerns for teen vaping.  Over time, nicotine builds in the system and creates a physical dependence on the chemical to operate.  Without it, teens may experience decrease in the ability to focus and alertness.  The reason being comes with nicotine blocking receptors in the brain that form certain chains.  When nicotine isn’t present, those blockers signal that they need replacement.  These cravings come with fidgeting and loss of focus on anything other than getting a fix.

The other side of the nicotine readily available in vaping looks at the delivery system.  With smoking cigarettes, each one has a finite amount of chemicals and nicotine.  One cigarette can last a smoker for hours before needing another.  With vaping, the deliver system is instantaneous.  One hit can cut the craving entirely.  The side effect here comes with over vaping and can lead to nicotine poisoning.  This is especially true when looking at youtubers showing off vape skills.

Aside from the immediate health concerns to think about, vaping is a relatively new industry. Currently, it is unregulated in many facets of where ingredients come from. Unlike cigarettes, vape manufacturers do not have to disclose the list of what is in the juice. While most juices like space jam ejuice boast having only 5% nicotine and the rest as glycol or glycerin, there are no regulations to say they must be accurate with that disclosure. This fact scares people because chemicals can have a high impact on the human body, especially teens.

Overall, vaping is on the rise in many aspects of life.  Teen vaping demonstrates one of the most dangerous past times a teen can get involved with.  Vaping proves to be addictive and can lead to long term health effects at an early age.  The last scary part is the uncertainty of how long-term vaping affects the human body.  The technology is too new to be able to show those outcomes.  If you have a teenager, make sure that you understand the risks of teen vaping.

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