Why Canadian Growers Destroyed 400 Tons Of Cannabis

We are, indeed, a wasteful species.

It is, we would suggest, criminal to be using so much energy to grow the product and then just destroy it


Here’s Why Canadian growers Destroyed Over 400 Tons Of Cannabis in 2021

Over the course of three years, Canadian licensed producers destroyed a total of 872.44 million grams of unsold dried cannabis, according to MJBizDaily’s analysis.

The trend to destroy marijuana crops was fueled by the buildout of more production capacity than the industry needed in the years following full legalization in October 2018.

Here’s an MJ Biz Infographic to spell it out very clearly…1/4 of all produced cannabis destroyed in 2021


In 2021, Canada’s federally licensed marijuana producers destroyed nearly half of that amount, or approximately 425.33 million grams of unpackaged dried cannabis, nearly double the amount of dried marijuana destroyed in 2020.

In 2019, LPs destroyed 155 million grams of dried cannabis.


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