Why Smokers became a permanent buyer of CBD cigarettes

CBD is a popular compound of the hemp plant. It is helpful in a variety of ways to treat various problems. It can cure anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. Most recently, CBD cigarettes have become a significant hit. More people are switching from tobacco cigarettes to a more natural way of smoking. A recent study in California showed that 95% of teens in 2015 had some smoking intentions. That is a 30% increase in the rates since 2001. Wild hemp cigarettes offer a similar experience to a nicotine cigarette but do not have any harmful ingredients. It only contains natural hemp. Although it is not certain whether CBD will fully replace tobacco, it has high potential in the market.

Plain jane CBD cigarettes are perfect for those who like smoking cannabidiol cigarettes but do not like the smell. The marketers of Plain jane hemp cigarettes observed the skyrocketing demand for CBD cigars and introduced an odor-free solution. This article would elaborate on why CBD cigarettes are becoming so trending and why smokers are ultimately switching to them. Please note that this article does not claim that smoking is good for health. It only shows how a switch to CBD creates innumerable health benefits.



Benefits of smoking CBD cigarettes

CBD-rich hemp cigarettes have various benefits compared to nicotine cigarettes, which solely harms your health, without compromising the experience. It also does not make a person dependent on it. That can be one of the main reasons people switch from smoking nicotine cigarettes to CBD ones. Given below are some of the benefits of smoking CBD which smokers can use for their advantage and you can also refer CBD oil guide

Relief from pain instantaneously – Smoking and inhaling CBD is the best way of consuming CBD as it directly affects the body in a few seconds. If someone is suffering from pain, CBD will instantly curb it. Hemp-derived CBD is the best and the purest. They are the most effective ones due to their interaction with the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors.

It is a natural mood lifter – CBD is a powerful mood enhancer. It interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA (Gamma Anti butyric Acid) present in the brain. GABA is responsible for managing stress and emotions by inhibiting brain signals to the nervous system. It also increases the amount of anandamide in the body without making the body vulnerable.

Clear mind and increases focus – People might argue that smoking nicotine helps them to focus better while working or performing other chores. However, on the contrary, nicotine is addictive. CBD cigarettes can have a different effect without harming the body. It can help clear the mind and provide a better quality of thoughts.

Taste is good – People who have never smoked hemp are in a dilemma whether to try it or not. Their dilemma is quite understandable, given that hemp was sued for industrial purposes earlier. It has risen to popularity only recently. As more expert farmers are getting into hemp production, the quality of hemp flowers is becoming better. They provide their labor, resulting in a heavenly experience depending on the strain you are smoking in. Many tobacco smokers do enjoy smoking hemp joints.


Why are people shifting from nicotine cigarettes to CBD ones?

People want to make a switch from traditional cigarettes to CBD ones. They are becoming permanent buyers of wild hemp cigars. However, what is the reason? Read on to find out.

The health score of tobacco is low–In the 1960s, research revealed that almost 40% of Americans admitted that smoking led to cancer. The same study done in 2001 shows that the numbers have increased to 71%. To date, the number keeps propelling. The youth is becoming more opposed to smoking these days. A survey by Hemp Industry Daily shows that people are considering cannabis as a healthier choice. Some people even use CBD to help them quit smoking in the long term.

Public Health Warnings – Many companies and institutions are giving up loads of money for people to get rid of tobacco addiction. The World Health Organization said that they wanted to decrease the global consumption of nicotine by 30% by the end of 2025. Though presently there are 1.1 billion nicotine consumers worldwide, the numbers have been declining, and the future looks promising. CDC has been working hard in the USA to reduce nicotine consumption. According to them, the total number of smokers has gone from 20% in 2005 to 14% in 2018. As the organizations are coming up with public health initiatives, more people would likely shift gradually.

Farmers make more profit on hemp seeds than tobacco– The tobacco sector is facing huge losses because farmers are refusing to grow it as it is becoming costly. On a global scale, the demand for tobacco is also declining. Did you know that farmers can make the same amount of profit from a 1,00,000 acres plot of marijuana as 6,50,000 acres plot of tobacco? Shocking figures, right! So, the farmers would like to go for the first choice. So, they switch from agrarian tobacco production to more hemp industrial production. If more farmers get down to the hemp business, eventually, the cost of hemp will go down, and people would be able to get rid of tobacco.


There is never a good time to switch from nicotine to hemp cigarettes, and there never will be. Pure hemp is legal, and one can easily purchase it. Many have already become permanent consumers of hemp and given up tobacco. Nevertheless, whatever you do, please do it in moderation. Even though CBD cigarettes are a better alternative, it still qualifies as a cigarette. It might do some harm in the long run and cause some damage. Moreover, do take precautions while consuming it. It is always safe to test a bit of it and then go ahead further.



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