Will Supreme Court Sit On Nebraska & Oaklahoma’s Filing Against Colorado While They Wait For New Appointment

The justices were expected  last week to discuss whether or not to take up the matter. But as of Monday nothing has been heard


The attorneys general of Oklahoma and Nebraska filed a lawsuit in December 2014 over Colorado’s marijuana laws, arguing that it is unconstitutional because it conflicts with federal law and marijuana’s status as a Schedule I controlled substance.

The court had twice before been scheduled to discuss the matter and whether or not to issue a ruling, but the Post reported that it’s not clear whether the case was even raised among the justices. A list of court orders released Monday did not mention the suit.

The Post has noted that the court “may be wary of taking on high-profile cases while operating with only eight justices, following the death of Justice Scalia the week before last.Therefore the case may not be heard until the Bench is complete again

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