Woo Hoo Aussie Cops Just Love Busting Weed Users

Welcome to the land of the war of cannabis

Pondering Pot has two stories this morning illustrating Australian authorities as well as pissing off the French, denying climate change and a whole host of other idiocies too many and varied to mention still loves to pick on the devil’s lettuce as though it were the destroyer of society.

Pondering Pot reports…

Story 1

91% of cannabis-related arrests in WA have been on consumers in 2021

On September 1st in the Western Australian parliament, Legalise Cannabis WA MP Sophia Moermond asked a simple question – “How many Western Australians have been charged with cannabis-related crimes associated with quantities pertaining to personal use to trafficable offenses?”

Stephen Dawson of the Labor Party replied with advice from the Western Australia Police Force indicating the numbers from the start of 2021 to August 10th, here they are:


Here’s what each section refers to in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981:

Section 6 – Offences concerned with prohibited drugs generally

  • (1) A person commits a crime if the person —
    • (a) with intent to sell or supply it to another, has in his or her possession a prohibited drug; or
    • (b) manufactures or prepares a prohibited drug; or
    • (c) sells or supplies, or offers to sell or supply, a prohibited drug to another person.
  • (2) A person who has in his or her possession or uses a prohibited drug commits a simple offence.

In layman terms:

  • 1(a) – You have enough of the drug that it’s unreasonable to think it’s solely for personal use
  • 1(b) – You manufacture the drug itself or prepare to manufacture
  • 1(c) – You have been caught selling
  • 2 – You have an illicit substance in your possession

Here’s a breakdown showing the proportion of each section:

6(1)(a): 8.2 %​6(1)(a): 8.2 %6(1)(b): 0.2 %​6(1)(b): 0.2 %6(1)(c): 0.9 %​6(1)(c): 0.9 %6(2): 90.7 %​6(2): 90.7 %

These figures aren’t too surprising themself, but it’s sad to see such a large portion of the war on cannabis is still focused on consumers, who are they really hurting?

You can see a copy of the Hansard report here.

91% of cannabis-related arrests in WA have been on consumers in 2021

Story 2

Police in New South Wales and South Australia were busy on Wednesday, September 8th, as officers in both states uncovered major cannabis operations in the span of a few hours.

Police in NSW targeted the Hunter Valley region for their investigation (a historically popular place for growing cannabis). Specifically, they executed a search warrant at a property on Cessnock Road in Abermain. At the property, officers discovered a “sophisticated indoor hydroponic set-up” and seized 157 cannabis plants.

Police in NSW and South Australia carry out major cannabis busts with a combined haul of over $1.56 million

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