Yet Another Cannabis Oil Lab Explosion

At some point enforcement of these labs will have to get tougher as sooner or later people other than those working the labs are going to get killed.


Edmonton Jnl reports

A man in Merced, Calif. was found with serious injuries not far from a blazing and heavily damaged structure that police and fire officials suspect was being used as a marijuana conversion lab.

Discovered in his neighbour’s yard with burns across his body, the man had to be transported by medical personnel to a local hospital for treatment, notes a statement from the Merced Police Department (MPD).

“Once the fire was contained, police personnel were able to see visible signs of what appeared to be a marijuana oil conversion lab,” the statement notes, pointing to the presence of several propane fuel tanks, colanders and cannabis scattered throughout the debris field.

The police report that the blast could be felt for blocks and sparked damage to an unidentified number of surrounding houses and property.

After the fire was out, the scene was turned over to the Department of Justice because of the toxic chemicals and contamination involved, notes the MPD post.

Earlier this month, there were two cannabis-related explosions in Oregon and California, both resulting in injuries.

In the Oregon incident, a 51-year-old woman suffered burns when, as she told police, she was using “an open-loop system to obtain the marijuana oil,” and an explosion occurred inside an enclosed trailer. She has been charged with unlawful manufacturing of marijuana extracts.

In the California blast, a fire and explosion occurred, again inside a trailer, where a man was suspected of making butane honey oil. He and two young children sustained serious injuries.

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