You’re Either On The Bus Or Off The Bus: The Oregon Cannabis Association Washington DC Lobby Trip!

18 April 2017

And yes although it would be nice to approach the problem by hopping on the bus and taking the byways and highways of America.

It is 2017 so it’ll more likely feel like this.

In instagram style; as we know words aren’t in the ascendancy these days !

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Amy Margolis writes….

We are so excited to announce that we have dates for this year’s Oregon Cannabis Association Washington DC lobby trip! Please consider joining us June 19th, 20th and 21st for our annual trip to DC to lobby on behalf of the cannabis industry. This will be our third!! trip to DC and we have had nothing but positive feedback from participants, Congressional delegates and Hill staffers.

Here is what you can look forward to:

1. Organized lobbying efforts including meeting with tons of Congressional delegates, staffers and decision-makers. We put you in teams, prepare the materials, set your schedule, everything. We go hard for all of the days to wear your walking shoes!

2. Social opportunities including after hours cocktail meetings and briefings.

3. We almost always get a special tour or two thrown in there from Oregon delegates who are glad to have us working on these issues.

4. Networking time with other Oregon businesses including dinners, meetings and special events like Segway tours!

The last trip we traveled with more than 35 members of the Oregon cannabis business community and we would love to have you come this year.

If you are interested in coming or learning more, please contact me directly at

This trip requires a ton of planning and so we will close signups in the next few weeks. Hope to see everyone interested in making a difference nationally come on this amazing adventure.

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