Zambia to legalise cannabis cultivation says the People’s Gazette

Here’s the report .



It is worth noting that that People’s Gazette is referencing a Xinhua report and the only other reports on this announcement are from Chinese Govt  media outlets according to a google search

But we are  assured by the People’s Gazette

In an era of fake news and overcrowded media marketplace, the journalists at Peoples Gazette aim to provide quality and practical information to help our readers stay ahead and better understand events around them. We focus on being the balanced source of true, stimulating and independent journalism……..The Peoples Gazette Ltd, Plot 1095, Umar Shuaibu Avenue, Utako, Abuja.

Zambia’s cabinet has approved the publication and introduction of a bill in parliament to legalise the cultivation of cannabis.

On Tuesday, a government spokesperson, Dora Siliya, said the parliament made the decision during a virtual cabinet meeting held on Monday, March 1.

Here’s her twitter with no mention of the bill

She said in a statement that the bill was meant to provide for the regulation of the cultivation, production, storage, and distribution of cannabis for medicinal, scientific, and research purposes.

The government spokesperson said the cabinet expected that the country would benefit both medically and economically by enacting the law on cannabis.

The cabinet, she added, also approved the Industrial Hemp bill meant to provide for the licensing of cultivation, production, processing, storage, exportation, importation, regulation, and industrial hemp distribution.

According to her, the cabinet is aware that hemp has been used the world over for paper production and the provision of all sorts of good building materials.

She added that once enacted, the bill would help boost the economy given the broad industrial base.

Zambia to legalise cannabis cultivation

We note the report is bylined Xinhua


and we have checked both the national assembly facebook and the cabinet office page with no sign of the aforesaid bill .


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