Australia: ‘He wasn’t a reckless guy’: Sydney banker’s LSD / MDMA use revealed after festival death

A young Sydney banker took a combination of LSD and MDMA, according to a friend who was with him the night he died of a suspected overdose at a music festival.

Kieran Ngo, 26, died after attending the Transmission Festival held at the Sydney Showground on Saturday night.

But a friend who was with him at the festival exclusively told The Daily Telegraph that Mr Ngo was not a regular drug user but had taken approximately five MDMA pills during the event.

“He wasn’t a reckless guy … no way did he think this could cause him to die. It was just meant to be fun,” the friend said.

“I don’t want you making out like he was a big drug user because he wasn’t at all … we don’t even know definitely that’s why he died.”

The friend told the publication Mr Ngo, who worked as a senior lending associate at Commonwealth Bank, had taken LSD – or acid – while having a few drinks with friends before the festival.

Twelve other individuals were also taken to the hospital for suspected drug overdoses, while 130 others received medical attention for conditions related to drug use and heat exhaustion.

Mr Ngo was pronounced dead at Bankstown Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, an attendee of Transmission detailed concerns over the conditions of the festival.

“I went along [to the festival] on Saturday night, and I’m not surprised. Security on entry was a joke,” they told Ben Fordham’s 2GB Breakfast show.

“Inside was bloody hot – and only those lucky people with hand fans were able to stay cool inside.

“Bottles of water were extortionate … charging $5 or more. I don’t think there were enough police on hand. At about 9pm, I saw ambulance paramedics rushing someone out.”

Fordham took aim at the irony of signage at the festival which stated: “Don’t push your limits, be responsible.”

“People who go to these festivals pay eye-watering amounts of money,” Fordham said.

“This particular one, they charge between $144 to $270 a ticket, and event organisers make a motza out of alcohol.

“The least they can do is provide free water. They should be forced to do so.”

According to NSW Police, Mr Ngo’s death is still being investigated, and a potential drug overdose is being considered as the cause


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