Cannabis, art, and music event Chalice Festival has filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court against the newly developed Bureau of Cannabis Control and the city of Victorville. The lawsuit filed against the BCC and Victorville claims that the BCC’s refusal to provide Chalice Festival with a temporary event license is “based on an incorrect interpretation to the law and is contrary to the law.”

“We have a history of creating and maintaining a safe atmosphere and we will continue to provide this culture with a safe place to be who you are without fear of arrest or discrimination for being a cannabis consumer. The City of Victorville has put us at risk,” Chalice Festival’s website currently reads.

It continues: “The lawsuit with the BCC is moving forward and we will be continuing to fight for the rights of the community. Our sponsors, vendors, artists, and brand owners are our personal friends- as well as you, the community, and we do not want to put you at risk.”

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