Canada – Fun Guyz Again ! “Police investigation at illegal magic mushroom dispensary in Cambridge”

The ongoing Fun Guyz saga continues apace – i think i might start penning the script, this will make perfect HBO/Netflix fodder, one man against the system etc etc.


Waterloo Regional Police confirmed Wednesday night that an ongoing investigation is happening at the FunGuyz magic mushroom dispensary in Cambridge.

The FunGuyz dispensary was the subject of a police raid back in November, less than two weeks after the storefront on King Street East first opened its doors.

One person was arrested and charged at the time of the raid but that didn’t deter the owners of the location, as they reopened the dispensary the very next day.

Wendesday night, a police spokesperson confirmed there is an ongoing investigation at FunGuyz although further details were not immediately available.

The dispensary has been operating without a business licence as selling magic mushrooms remains illegal.

Police investigation at illegal magic mushroom dispensary in Cambridge

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