The Trinity Jnl reports…..Trinity County supervisors last week voted to increase county fines for illegal cannabis cultivation from a current $100 per day to a minimum of $1,000 per day that a violation continues to exist without abatement.

The change was introduced as an amendment to the county’s ordinance on violations and infractions at the Board of Supervisors’ Aug. 18 meeting. Following a 4-0 vote with one member absent, the proposed amendment will come back at the board’s next meeting (Sept. 1) for final adoption.

The fine for all other building code violations not related to cannabis will remain at $100 per day. Increasing the cannabis fines to $1,000 was the recommendation of the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney, County Administrative Office and Planning Department.

Sup. Judy Morris clarified that the fine is $100 per violation and there could be several on any given site including not only illegal cultivation, but also unpermitted structures, costing the offender $500 or $600 a day.

“I understand the importance of raising these fines, but we have these likely unlicensed operations going on at night, under tarps, popping up all over. I can see them at night. So how do we take these fines where they need to go and not just take the path of least resistance, hammering the nearby neighbor growing outside for personal use when we aren’t looking at the big ones popping up out there,” Morris said.