Changes to Proposed Regulations for Standard Cannabinoid Test Method and SOPs 


October 4, 2022 

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is proposing changes to the regulations that would adopt a standardized cannabinoid test method for use by all licensed laboratories. The primary change to the regulations would limit applicability of the standardized cannabinoid test method to the testing of dried flower, including pre-rolls. This change and additional modifications proposed by the Department are detailed in the Notice of Further Modifications to Proposed Text of Regulations.  

DCC received multiple public comments requesting additional study of the method’s accuracy for the wide variety of infused (manufactured) cannabis products in the marketplace. After reviewing this feedback, DCC has determined that limiting the applicability of the method in this manner is appropriate to allow for further scientific study. 

The rulemaking process includes significant opportunity for public participation in the adoption of regulations, particularly through the public comment process. We are deeply grateful to all those who submitted comments. The modifications to the proposed regulations are a direct result of the valuable input from the public and reflect DCC’s commitment to ensuring a disciplined and effective approach to regulatory oversight.

Notice of Further Modifications to Proposed Regulations for Standard Cannabinoid Test Method and Standardized Operating Procedures
DCC is providing notice to the public of further modifications to the proposed regulatory action to adopt regulations to implement and make specific Business and Professions Code section 26100(f)(2) pertaining to the establishment of a standard cannabinoids test method, including standardized operating procedures (SOPs), that will be utilized by all licensed testing laboratories in California.

The proposed regulations were first noticed to the public on June 17, 2022. The DCC then provided notice to the public of modifications to the initial proposed text on August 30, 2022.  The DCC has proposed further modifications in response to comments from the public during the previous two comment periods.

Through the proposed regulations, the DCC aims to ensure all licensed laboratories are using a standardized cannabinoid test method which will ensure consumers receive accurate and consistent information regarding the cannabinoid content of the cannabis and cannabis product they use or consume.

View the Notice of Further Modifications to Proposed Text and Modified Text of Regulations below:

The most recent modifications to the proposed text of regulations are shown in italic, double wavy underline and italic, double wavy underline and strikethrough type font.

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