Crock Departs Cann Group

Why’s he leaving?

This report  isn’t really telling us much other than the usual he was great etc ..

For example the following  Business New Australia report conveniently forgets tidbits like this

Australia: Cann Group Get Into Bed With Same Investment Group Who Invested In Folium Biosciences


And This

Cann Group Start Civil Proceedings In HK Courts Over Lost Money


And this one always elicits a chuckle from us

The Secret Is Out Everybody On the Planet Now Knows Where Cann Group’s Top Secret Mildura Facility Is… Even The Saudis Know!


The man who led medicinal cannabis company Cann Group (ASX: CAN) through its 2017 initial public offering (IPO) is set to step down after six years in the role, leaving behind a legacy of three production sites including a flagship $115 million Mildura facility which notched its first commercial crop harvest in 2022.

Peter Crock has given his resignation notice on the grounds that it is time for fresh leadership to guide the company through its next phase of growth.

“Much has been achieved over recent years, with the establishment of our state-of-the-art manufacturing operations, key regulatory approvals, the development of our Satipharm delivery technology and a world-class plant breeding and genetics program. The focus now is on ramping up our commercial operations as we look to capitalise on these assets,” he says.

“I will remain fully focused on implementing our growth plans until my successor is appointed and will then be available for the period that is appropriate to ensure a smooth transition.”

In addition to the IPO, Crock led a capital raise worth more than $70 million in that same year to accelerate expansion plans, followed by further raises and the securing of loans to make the Mildura vision a reality.

Cann Group grows its own crop and produces CBD capsules at the facility, branded as Satipharm after the European group it acquired from Canada’s Harvest One Cannabis Inc in early 2021.

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