Australia: Cann Group Get Into Bed With Same Investment Group Who Invested In Folium Biosciences

Peter Crock is excited…

Peter Crock, CEO of Cann, added, “We are delighted to have signed this contract with ALPS to establish a significant production footprint for Cann to service our rapidly growing domestic and export markets. The choice for ALPS was simple as we know they deliver the best-in-class cultivation facilities in terms of quality, consistency and low-cost of operations. We are also very excited with the implementation of the APIS system which will greatly reduce time and costs involved with meeting compliance requirements while ensuring our facility will operate at with optimized economic efficiencies, ensuring an excellent ROI.”


We presume the Terry Booth connection is what has moved this deal forward?

Australis Capital Announces Acquisitions, Names Terry Booth CEO



Here’s the full press release

Australis Provides Update With Respect to Australian Cannabis Grow Facility Contract


Why does that ring alarm bells with us ?

Teri Buhl our specialist SEC reporter in the US has been kept very busy by both Australis & one of their investments, Folium Biosciences over the last 18 months.

SEC Inquiry starts at CBD company Folium Biosciences Post Failed Australis Merger

Australis Capital Inc Board Battle Goes Public With Issue Of Press Release By “Concerned” Shareholders & Official Response By Company Over Cancelled Passport Technology Deal



This is what the press release says Jan 26, 2021, 07:30 ET… AUSA’s business lines and assets include investments in Cocoon, Body and Mind Inc., Quality Green, Folium Biosciences, and land assets in Washington


Australis are sticking by Folium even as these stories and lawsuits appear. We stay very wary.

Witness Says Folium Doctored THC Analysis Reports For Wholesale Clients

Lawsuit alleges Folium Biosciences dumped up to 300,000 gallons of ethanol on land surrounding hemp extraction facility

Folium Lawsuit Questions Possible Investor Fraud: Kash Shan Gets Dowty Family Money


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