If you’ve done any reading about medical marijuana, cannabis in general, or used medical cannabis, you’ve likely heard about Green Sativa but you may not have a clue what it means or what it’s all about. Don’t feel bad. The marijuana industry has gone through tremendous changes in the most recent ten years, as well as major changes over the past twenty years.


It’s often joked that ‘this isn’t your grandma’s marijuana’ and that is 100% true. There are so many differences in marijuana grown today from the marijuana that was passed around the campfires during the hippie revolution of the 1960s that your grandma wouldn’t recognize it at all. In fact, marijuana has gone through extreme changes in the recent decade that leave many with questions. Let’s talk about some of these things you may not know.



Is It About The Color?

While the color is green, that isn’t why it’s called Green Sativa. The color is part of a color-coding system that has been in place for a few years now, determined by the medical marijuana grower’s industry. The color green refers to a hybrid between Indica and Sativa strains.


What is Sativa vs Indica?

These are simply two types of strains that are used as categories in the marijuana industry. Sativa strains will have a tendency to provide you with more energy and uplifting mental clarity, whereas Indica strains tend to have more of sleep-inducing calm that has a more powerful impact on the pain that is intense.


If Green Indicates a Hybrid, Why Call It Sativa?

This simply refers to the fact that the strain is a mixture of both but leans more heavily toward the Sativa genetics that will leave you with less of a head high that slows you down and prevents you from functioning at your best. A Green Sativa strain will give you many benefits of both Indica and Sativa, without leaving you feeling sluggish and slow.


One Marijuana Is the Same As the Next, Right?

Absolutely not. With the ability of growers to create specific strains that are more impactful on specific conditions and then crossing the Indica and Sativa strains to help control the type of overall impact, there are very specific hybrids that can pinpoint their purpose to better meet your needs. In fact, scientists are also learning how to manipulate the terpenes and specific cannabinoid compounds that are present in each strain so that they can perfectly create a strain as if they are creating a recipe for the perfect cake. It’s a highly developed science nowadays.


How Long Does It Take to Perfect a Strain?

The stability of a strain has to be perfected by going through a long process of selective breeding. Growers work to find the exact dominant and recessive genes present in their plants and work to create lines from these specific plants they choose for the desired outcome. After analyzing several of the offspring they will choose the one(s) that most closely meet their desired outcome. This selection process is a critical step in furthering their line of offspring moving forward. There is a tone of time involved and might take years to develop a strain to perfection, in the grower’s eyes.


How Long Has Green Sativa Been Around?

Cannabis has been around and been used by humans since roughly 500 BCE. We know this because of samples found in pottery jars which were carbon dated. We also have writings that mention cannabis plants. We know that cannabis was being cross-bred and hybridized as early as the 1700s for the use of humans. Green Sativa isn’t exactly pinpointed to a specific date in history but there is a record of this type of marijuana going back to these early days of hybridization.


Does Green Sativa Look the Same?

In a nutshell, yes and no. There are subtle differences in the size and width of the leaves of Indica vs Sativa plants. It takes a well-trained eye to see the difference and know them well enough to determine a plant’s origins on sight. The color of the buds may vary slightly, some with purple hues and others leaning more toward a white color. There is no way to determine the difference without a deep knowledge and/or lab analysis.


Does Green Sativa Use Mean I Can Drive Safely?

While it doesn’t create the same sluggishness and sleepiness that Indica strains may cause, you should never operate machinery while under the influence of marijuana. It has been shown to slow reaction times and has an impact on cognitive ability, much like drinking alcohol can impair your ability to function. Always use your medical marijuana responsibly and do be aware that many states will now issue citations for driving under the influence of marijuana that carry the same or similar penalty as driving while under the influence of alcohol.


How Do I Know If Green Sativa Is Right For Me?

Speak to a doctor that specializes in medical marijuana prescriptions. They’re often your best source of information on the strains that will provide you with the best impact on your condition. Ask questions of the dispensary staff. Understand that it will impact each person differently as well, depending on your own body chemistry and metabolism. You may need to try small amounts until you find the strain that is perfect for you. Some experimenting and tweaking will be necessary to find the one that is perfect for you, so don’t let yourself be dissuaded from trying several different types of cannabis until you get the right one.


These are a few of the more often asked questions. If you have additional questions, direct them to your medical professionals and your dispensary staff. Read all that you can and educate yourself as much as you can. This will help you to make the most well-informed decisions for your own health. Being armed with facts is the best way that you can approach the process safely and effectively.