Japanese CBD manufacturer partners with American innovator to supply top-quality water soluble ingredients

TOKYO, and CHICO, CA (February 17, 2021) – OFF Inc., a global hemp technology company, has partnered with American hemp innovator FireOrganix™ to source raw ingredients for branded and white label products in the rapidly emerging Japanese market for quality CBD products.

“Despite limited access to hemp cultivation licenses in Japan, demand for CBD is on the rise,” said Shuntaro Komagata, Founder and CEO, OFF Inc. “Most manufacturers are completely dependent on international suppliers. We are constantly seeking quality CBD products, including raw materials, which we can either use in our own proprietary products or sell through as white label ingredients.”

Japanese law is absolute when it comes to tolerance of even the slightest presence of THC, and for that reason, testing and product quality are a primary concern for potential partners. “However, more than access to a steady supply, it was FireOrganix’s understanding of and ability to comply with international requirements that sealed the deal,” Shuntaro added.

“Japan’s population of 120 million has created a thriving market for health care and wellness products, and we are thrilled to partner with Shuntaro and the team at OFF Inc. to supply quality ingredients,” said Britt Johnson, Founder & CEO of FireOrganix™. “This relationship creates an important channel that will drive product innovation for the entire Japanese CBD community.”

In the United States, FireOrganix™ has differentiated itself from other hemp/CBD providers by specializing in high-quality water soluble CBD ingredients. FireOrganix’s proprietary process reduces the CBD particle size and uses an advanced delivery technology to mimic the body’s natural system of absorbing fat-soluble ingredients. This technology is essential for the subsequent absorption of all cannabinoids. By way of this specialized process, the ingredient functionality is drastically increased, and 100% solubility is achieved.

About OFF Inc.

OFF Inc. is engaged in wholesale of cannabinoid raw materials and products, manufacturing, and retail business in Japan. The hemp market in Japan is expected to grow and OFF Inc. is funded by global investors to fuel the momentum. Delivering safe and high-quality products, the company aims to develop markets in Asian countries in addition to Japan. For more information visit https://off-inc.com.

About FireOrganix™

FireOrganix™ specializes in the production of high-quality water soluble ingredients, made from hemp-derived cannabinoids. The company provides a wide range of products to retail and wholesale companies in the nutraceutical, nutricosmetic, and functional foods industries. FireOrganix works with certified farms, reputable laboratories, and existing leaders in the hemp industry to ensure customers receive consistent quality and supply. For more information visit fireorganix.com.


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