Karma Koala Podcast – Episode 56: With Jim Bartell, Dr Larry Bedard & Ken Sobel about CA’s Ryan’s Law + James Eichner & Erica Halverson about the NY Hemp Bill

Karma Koala Podcast – Brought To You By Cannabis Law Report Episode 56

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Welcome to our first episode of 2022

First up Heather speaks with…

Jim Bartell, attorney Ken Sobel, and Dr. Larry Bedard about California’s  “Ryan’s Law” signed into law by Gov Newson in late September 2021 after a big push by CA state senator Ben Huseo.

Jim Bartell

After his son’s death in 2018 Jim has been asking anybody who will listen in California to help him get legislation over the line to allow end of life patients access medical cannabis in the state’s public health system.

Dr Larry Bedard

We’d just like to apologize in advance for the quality of audio on Jim’s contribution to the conversation.. just one of those days when gremlins decided to take on zoom and win!

Ken Sobel

We thank all 3 for their time to come on the show and talk about the issue and how they are now wanting to take the campaign to a national level.

We will be following closely both at Cannabis Law Report & here on the podcast and we hope to have Jim back again in 2022 when those naughty little gremlins aren’t quite so active.

Learn more at NORML


The Bill


Heather also speaks with James Eichner the co-founder & CSO at Sana Packaging and Erica Halverson  CEO at Tiny E-Paper and we hope both these conversations will remind all of us that packaging, waste, plastics, and the environment are all issues that the industry will have to take far more seriously in 2022.


Erica Halverson


James Eichner


Both Erica & James talk about NY Senator Hinchey’s bill that directs the State’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) to develop a plan that will place industrial hemp as the primary packaging source for all cannabis products made in New York State. … “There is no other natural resource that offers the same environmental, agricultural, and economic potential as hemp…….19 Nov 2021”

If you want to dig into the bill here’s the link to the full text of the legislation


Thankyou for listening

Sean & Heather

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