Maine: Portland City Council passes a resolution supporting decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms

The Portland City Council on Monday passed a resolution voicing support for decriminalizing psychedelic plants and fungi.

The resolution suggests that prosecuting someone for using and cultivating psychedelic plants should be the lowest priority for law enforcement in Portland.

Aaron Parker, interim director for the group Decriminalize Maine who helped develop the policy, said the council would need to pass an ordinance to make decriminalization enforceable.

The resolution I don’t think really adequately decriminalizes anything in Portland. While we do want to protect people from potential criminal penalties, we are also looking to reduce the stigma around these substances which is an important part of harm reduction for this type of material,” he said.

Maine lawmakers will debate a similar bill in January, which would decriminalize psychedelic plants and fungi as well as create a regulated framework for legalization.


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