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Reading this Spring update you’d think everything in New York was Hunky Dory.. but of course as the great man and adopted New Yorker once sang in a distant time

Ch-ch-changesWhere’s your shame?You’ve left us up to our necks in it



Greetings New Yorkers, 

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to explore New York’s growing cannabis market. This month, we have updates on new licensing initiatives, applicant guidance, consumer guides, and resources to help new licensees scale and hire for their businesses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, consumer, policymaker, or investor, dive into these exciting opportunities shaping the future of cannabis in our State.

Key Updates:

  • Adult-Use Cannabis Access Across New York: OCM has continued its progress on licensing, with 127 dispensaries now open statewide. New Yorkers have more access to legal, safer, tested cannabis products than ever before, with more to come. We’re proud to build a market that looks like real New Yorkers. In the #NYcannabis market:
    • 57% of AU licenses across the supply chain are Social and Economic Equity (SEE) owned, including:
      • ‍♀️ 38% women-owned
      • ‍♂️ 40% minority owned
      • ️11% service-disabled veterans
      • ‍ 6% distressed farmers
      • 6% CDI 
  • Cannabis Control Board (#NYCCB) May 10th Meeting Recap
    • Adult-Use Licenses Awarded:The #NYCCB approved 104 adult-use licenses, with 23 allocated to retail dispensary licenses and 14 to microbusiness licenses. To date, the #NYCCB has granted 540 Adult-Use licenses.
    • November 2023 Licensing Queue Update: The CCB approved to expand its review of applications in the November 2023 queue. This directive mandates the Office to review all applications in the November queue in sequential order.   
      • What does this mean if you’re a November applicant? If your application meets full operational licensure requirements it will be recommended for approval to the CCB at future board meetings.
      • NoteOther applicants may be eligible for provisional licenses or may face denial if they do not meet the necessary criteria.
    • CAURD License Extension: The CCB approved the extension of the CAURD provisional license period and removed restrictions on where a CAURD can locate their retail dispensaries.
      • The approved resolution extends the provisional license period by an additional 12 months from original issuance date, offering CAURD licensees sufficient time to transition to permanent licensing.
      • The resolution also allows CAURD to locate their dispensary in any region in the state, no longer having to locate in the region they were originally approved for.
    • Enforcement Authorities: The CCB approved the emergency regulations amending Part 133 enforcement authorities.
      • The Office can now issue orders to seal and padlock illicit shops for unlicensed activity posing threats to public health and safety. This furthers New York commitment to safeguard New York’s communities and consumers! View regulations here.
  • Cannabis Advisory Board (#NYCAB) May 7th Meeting Recap:
    • #NYCAB Debuts Two New Initiatives: At this month’s #NYCAB  meeting, the Office announced the start of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Council (MCAC) and the Medical Cannabis Ambassador Program (MCAP), to educate healthcare professionals on the endocannabinoid system and promote a comprehensive approach to treating patients with medical cannabis.
      • Medical Cannabis Advisory Council (MCAC): Under the leadership of Dr. Junella Chin and Dr. Brenda Robinson, the Medical Cannabis Advisory Council (MCAC) consists of 13 members dedicated to developing resources for certifying practitioners and creating clinical guidance documents based on the latest scientific literature.
      • Medical Cannabis Ambassador Program (MCAP): The Medical Cannabis Ambassador Program (MCAP) will be led by 10 ambassadors. These ambassadors will organize statewide presentations and trainings to better educate healthcare professionals on several aspects of medical cannabis. How can healthcare providers request these information sessions? Fill out the provided form to request a session.

 Rollin’ Into The Month:
3 Things You Need to Know

  •  Shutting Down Illicit Cannabis Shops to Safeguard the Legal Market: Following the passage of the FY25 budget, OCM, New York City, and other cities now have the power to swiftly padlock illicit storefronts found selling illicit cannabis where the conduct presents an imminent threat to public health, safety and welfare. Counties and cities outside of New York City may also adopt these powers by passing their own local law mirroring OCM’s powers. Additionally, landlords neglecting to address illegal activity within their properties will face high penalties and repercussions. A new statewide task force initiative will work in collaboration with OCM to shut down unlicensed cannabis shops.
    • NYS Enforcement Webpage Resource: The OCM launched a new webpage dedicated to Enforcement and Public Hearings, providing comprehensive resources and information to the public on enforcement activities against illicit shops, as well as ways they can report illicit shops. This resource provides New Yorkers clarity about both the complaint to resolution process and how the FY25 budget has empowered the Office to act.
  •  New Post Application FAQ User Guides Released:
    • For General Applicants: The Office is excited to release a Post Application User Guide for the October 2023 adult-use cannabis application window. Click here to learn about queueing, review processes, ownership limits, post-licensing steps, True Party of Interest violations, and location submission for provisional licenses.
    • For CAURD Applicants: Check out our latest FAQ heretailored specifically to the CAURD Program to get clarity about resolution 2024-73, which extends the provisional license period for CAURD applicants, and lifts regional constraints, allowing CAURD applicants to set up retail dispensaries in any region across the State. 
    • For Cannabis Cultivators: Check out an updated guidance document explaining how the Office conducts square footage measurements of a cultivators canopy.
  •  Grant Readiness 101 Tour: Join us as the Office embarks on a statewide tour to assist non-profits and recognized organization with the State grant application process.
    • Attendees can expect guidance about:
      • Application process,
      • Common obstacles in obtaining SFS certification, and
      • How to search for State grant funding.

 NYS CannaCareer Plug:
Finding A Job in Cannabis

Department of Labor’s Cannabis Employment and Education Development Unit (CEED): Are you interested in a cannabis job? If so, now is a great time to break into the NYS cannabis job market. The industry is still new, so having little or no direct cannabis experience is not a barrier to entry. To get started, take some time to explore different job types available in cannabis by visiting DOL’s Cannabis Career Exploration.

The Finding A Cannabis Job page provides insights and resources to assist you once you find a position that interest you. You can also set-up an appointment with a counselor at a DOL Career Center for one-on-one career job search and resume assistance at no cost to you.

The Department of Labor is here to help connect you with resources and assist you every step of the way. Reach out to the CEED team at [email protected] for personal support and guidance.

 Bud Safety Matters: Health & Safety

OCM’s consumer resources are essential for understanding safer, more responsible consumption habits that help protect public health and safety. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about safer consumption, including the importance of only consuming safer and tested cannabis products from a licensed dispensary:

  • Know Your Concentrates: Learn about what concentrates are, the extraction methods used to create concentrates, product potency levels, and which product type may work best for you with the OCM Know Your Concentrates Guide.
  • Older Adults Brochure: Explore the science of cannabis, product types and interactions, consumption methods, and special considerations for older adults, with this guide.
  • The Guide to Safer Consumption: Whether you’re a daily consumer or canna-curious, check out The Guide to Safer Consumption for more information on how to stay safer when consuming cannabis.

Use the Incident Reporting Form to report an adverse health event, concern about a cannabis business, or concern regarding a cannabis product to the Office of Cannabis Management. 

Report an Incident

Call the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 if you think someone has been accidentally exposed to a cannabis product or consumed too much. Call 911 if the person is showing signs of an emergency.  

 Nuggets of Wisdom:
Industry Trends & Development

#NYcannabis provides an opportunity for all New Yorkers to participate. It’s a market that champions community, equity, and small business development, but don’t take our word for it. Check the numbers.

May Market Update

 Community Compass:
Municipalities & Community Boards Matter

The “Community Compass” is your go-to source for the latest in local government and community board activities, keeping you informed and engaged with what’s happening with municipalities and community boards. 

  •  New Enforcement Resources for the Community: The FY25 budget allocation has enabled the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to introduce a suite of new enforcement resources dedicated to combating illicit cannabis operations within our community.
    • Enhanced Collaboration and Community Empowerment: Local government and municipalities can utilize the resources available on the Locality’s Enforcement Webpage to navigate OCM’s enforcement efforts effectively. This collaborative approach ensures streamlined communication and coordination in our collective efforts to shut down illicit cannabis shops while empowering communities with vital information. 
  • ☎️ What Can I Do to Help New York State Close Illegal Cannabis Shops? To report suspected violations, visit New York Cannabis Incident Reporting. Include details like business name, time and location of activity, photos, any previous police contact, and proximity to sensitive locations. Provide your contact information for any follow-up questions. 
  •  Finding Licensed Dispensaries and tested products is easier than ever!

 Upcoming Events


The OCM team continues to travel across the state, on our mission to raise awareness and encourage communities to get involved with the medical cannabis program and the #NYcannabis workforce.

 Wed, May 29thGrant Readiness Tour: Get Ready, Get Set in Ithaca – https://bit.ly/ocmgrantithaca 

 Thu, June 6thGrant Readiness Tour: Get Ready, Get Set in Utica – https://bit.ly/ocmgrantutica 

 Tue, June 11thGrant Readiness Tour: Get Ready, Get Set in Staten Island – https://bit.ly/ocmgrantstatenisland 

 Thu, June 13thGrant Readiness Tour: Get Ready, Get Set in Queens – https://bit.ly/ocmgrantqueens 

 Thu, June 13thGrant Readiness Tour: Get Ready, Get Set in Albany – https://bit.ly/ocmgrantalbany 

 Tue, June 18thGrant Readiness Tour: Get Ready, Get Set in Bronx – https://bit.ly/ocmgrantbronx

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 This is #NYcannabis.

This is NYcannabis May.

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New York’s cannabis market is as lively and colorful as the community voices that energize it—here’s to growing together! 

Thank you for reading.

Until Next Time,

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