Oregon Emerge Law Group and Calyx Law Publish “Oregon Psilocybin Services Opt-Out Tracker”

Here’s what they are doing

Back in November 2020 Oregonians voted to pass Measure 109, the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act. This mandated the establishment of Psilocybin Services in the state, which are set to roll out in 2023.

Importantly, the Measure allows for local jurisdictions to vote to opt out of allowing psilocybin services within their borders.

Together with Emerge Law Group and Calyx Law, we’re tracking these opt-out initiatives across every county and municipality in the state of Oregon: taken together, that’s nearly 300 jurisdictions.

Explore the Tracker
The tracker is interactive, and best explored on a larger screen. If you’re struggling to thumb your way around the map, we’ve listed the information below the visual in alphabetical order by counties, then municipalities.

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