Rapinoe among Athletes Touting CBD’s Benefits For Pain


Megan Rapinoe is one of the top athletes who believe in the effectiveness of CBD when it comes to pain management. She has been one of the major voices pushing for the use of CBD products. The athlete expresses confidence that the products are effective in pain management and recovery.

An iconic figure in women soccer, Rapinoe has been a force to reckon with. That is despite some major setbacks she has had to deal with in her career. Sources indicate that she has faced challenges since her days in college. Part of the challenges got her undergoing a series of knee surgeries, but she remains vibrant.

It was at the University of Portland that the athlete tore her Anterior cruciate ligament. It wasn’t long before she tore it again in the second season play. The long and then short of it is that the athlete has from time to time experienced excruciating pain following injuries in the different games she has played. That is including the World Cup help in 2015, where she again tore the ACL in her left knee. Reports also showed that a meniscus tear in her left knee had forced her to be involved in surgery back in 2017.

The road to recovery

Rapinoe admits that she was overwhelmed with joy upon learning about a pain management solution that helped her recover. She outlined CBD, saying that it had helped him a great deal.

Her sister Rachael had been watching the journey of recovery of her “star” sister. She got to a point where she felt convinced that CBD products worked remarkably well in pain management. It was at the time that she gave her support towards the establishment of a CBD products company called Mendi. The aim was to help other athletes manage pain and recover using some top-notch CBD products.

Megan & Rachael Rapinoe

Rapinoe has been promoting the products after learning about the associated benefits. She admits that she usually takes CBD products after tough training sessions and before getting to bed. Rapinoe says that the intake of the products has been quite helpful. That is considering that she enjoys a better night-sleep and she is also able to relax.

The realization of the wide-ranging benefits of CBD has somehow changed her daily routine. The star says that she has incorporated CBD into her everyday routine. However, she has consistently upheld good eating habits. She gets to eat some healthy foods and natural products. Asides from that, she has increased her water intake levels and these moves make her body withstand the CBD intake.

A close focus on Mendi

The unveiling of Mendi and its continued establishment are linked to the growing interest in the consumption of CBD globally among people. Cannabis is a product derived from the cannabis plant. However, Mendi has chosen to walk a path where it utilizes CBD products derived from hemp. It has its reasons, one of those being that its products don’t contain THC. The company knows that it is the THC substance that usually sparks the high and it wants to serve customers with products that are free from that. The Terpometer is the world’s first thermometer specifically calibrated for quartz, ceramic, or titanium surfaces. The LCD screen will display the real time temperature upon contact. The screen will illuminate GREEN suggesting the ideal time to apply extracts for optimal effects and flavor.

Hemp fiber has some wide-ranging uses. Part of those includes the manufacture of fuel, paper, cosmetics, rope, and textiles.


A lot has been happening as the years go by. For instance, there was a move to list industrial hemp as one of the agricultural products in the US. The move was facilitated by the 2018 federal Farm Bill. Sources also indicate that it was struck out of the Controlled Substances Act, something that caused CBD-linked products to be channeled into the markets. At the moment, it is possible to find them even in the local groceries.

CBD and research around it

A lot of claims have been made over the years, with some outlining the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of some wide-ranging conditions. Some of the conditions that are said to have been handled effectively by the consumption of CBD include insomnia and anxiety. However, it is important to deal with facts. The truth till now is that no substantive research has yet been able to conclusively back the forwarded claims. All in all, many people around the globe continue using the products to deal with anxiety, depression, and some other acute conditions.

Challenges have remained inherent in the entire journey of promoting CBB products around the world. However, that hasn’t stopped the burgeoning CBD industry from getting to where it is today. Product manufacturers have been at the frontline, making resilient efforts to promote the various CBD products. The reception has been impressive, to say the least, with many people choosing to use the products for pain management and recovery.


A leading study conducted by a firm that tracks cannabis industry trends known as BDS Analytics has given projections of the segment. According to it, there are high chances that by the time 2024 arrives the CBD market will have successfully harnessed about $20 billion in terms of the sales made. That is impressive according to market analysts who have been talking a lot about the continued legalization of cannabis products globally.  A farm bill passed that made the production of industrial hemp legal in the United States. This has opened doors for the legalization of the cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) — although you still need to check your local laws for legality in your area.

The perspective of top athletes

Rapinoe isn’t alone in her quest to push for the use of CBD for pain management and recovery. She is being backed up w by many other athletes who take the strong stand that CBD is a natural product with guaranteed results. They move ahead to point to it as one of the most trusted alternatives for those tired of using the various opioid treatments.

The former player for the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers Riley Cote is the founder of BodyChek Wellness. This happens to be a business focusing majorly on the sale of top-notch hemp products.

Riley Cote

The other big name is Rob Gronkowski who has been doing a lot in line with promoting the line of CBD-infused topical creams sold by CBDMedic.

Rob Gronkowski

A lot has been happening in the promotion of CBD products. Part of those includes the move by Social CBD to sponsor Portland Thorns in the National Women’s Soccer League that was conducted last fall.







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