Seed Our Future (UK) – Taking On The UK Government Via The Courts

The week before last we published the first of what we hope to be many updates on UK advocacy groups looking for ways to change legislation for cannabis use (medical & recreational) in the UK.

In our introductory piece The Seed Our Future Campaign (UK) … Working Towards Fairer Cannabis Regulation For All We introduced what the organisation’s next moves were after their public protests to try and get legislation either amended or re-written came up against the brick wall of the Home Office

After the publication of their report Cannabis and the Law – No Evidence, No Crime? A ‘Seed our Future Campaign’ Report Oct 2020


It was decided to start looking at other options to both raise public perception of the issue and raise the stakes by critically reviewing some of the commentary coming out of the Home office for the past 24-36 months.

Seed our Future co-founder  Guy Coxall formulated a response to Home Office prevarication in the following document.

Home Office Comments in Black

Seed Our Future Comments in Blue



Coxall writes..

Following the publication of the (above ) report and critical review in the public domain, we sent these to all Police and Crime Commissioners, Chief Constables and Members of Parliament in the UK requesting feedback and action.
The police came back with ‘we don’t make the laws, just enforce them’ and MP’s provided the generic response of ‘cannabis is harmful to people’s physical/mental health and harmful to society’. At this point, it was clear that they have no interest in the truth or supporting the public interest as is their lawful duty (misconduct in public office).
We have been supporting people who refuse to plead guilty with their legal cases and have to date had two judges who have ordered the prosecution to provide the foundation evidence to which the prosecution obviously have been unable to do (these cases are ongoing).
To this effect Coxall & Seed Our Future have created the following  Possession & Cultivation defence statement which can be summarised by the sentence

As is my right, I therefore refuse to enter a plea of ‘guilty’ and of ‘not guilty’; and instead claim ‘political persecution’.

We do, though,  suggest  that interested parties read the following document in its entirety as it is an exhaustive  defence designed tactically to move the discussion in the UK away from attempting to change the law via pressure on lawmakers to either amend existing legislation or present a new  Bill.
Advocacy in this form has ground to a halt and this document we’d suggest is the first of many shots across the governments’ bows to say that if parliament won’t deal with the issue it is the courts that will have be the avenue.
Seed Our Future are now looking to connect with lawyers and interested parties in other jurisdictions on a pro bono basis to expand on the work already done to see what cases might have legs in the UK courts as a way of chivvying the government  to take the issue more seriously
In our next piece we highlight another UK organisation, WTU (We The Undersigned) who are also looking at the courts as the avenue forward. Their target, The Human Rights Act, which we hasten to add the UK Government would like to tear apart at the earliest opportunity as they see it as a hangover from the evil empire that is the EU.
Unfortunately for the Tories they’ll have a fight on their hands as there are many out there who’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure the government keep their grubby mitts of the legislation.

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