The Intoxicating Hemp Derivatives Marketplace – Slow Train Coming & Other Clark Hill Updates

In recent weeks, I attended the 9th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo at the famous Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. It is always a pleasure to connect with old friends (and new) and so many legacy hemp industry leaders and business operators.

I have attended NoCo since its inception in 2014 and am a big fan of the devoted following that Founder, Morris Beegle, brings together at his events. NoCo is one of the most unique trade shows in that, each year, it brings together the legitimate global who’s who of the hemp industry. I am honored and proud to be amongst that group of friends. This year, I provided an Opening Keynote with a message of hope and unity. A brief snippet:

“For the world to fully recognize the 50,000 uses of the hemp plant, we need to stand in unity and support for all uses of the plant. Detach yourself from your notion about what the hemp industry is supposed to be, and recognize and respect your fellow entrepreneurs, hustlers, and the like. Respect all uses in hemp’s family of uses. All of them. You don’t send one member of a family, because of controversy and disagreement, into the wilderness to die or jettison them, you must embrace them and work with them or you really do not have a family at all. For hemp to succeed as an industry, the entire family of uses MUST be recognized and respected.”

All of the plant’s uses and contrivances must be respected for the hemp family of uses to exist. This year’s NoCo brought me down memory lane, as I recalled the various industry consumer product trends over the past nine NoCo Hemp Expos, like CBD, hemp flower, hemp cigarettes, CBG, THCa, etc.

Today’s market trend is Delta-8 THC and related compounds, such as Delta-10 THC, Delta-11 THC, HHC, and the like. Numerous states are actively promulgating regulations to ensure that these compounds are produced and sold in a manner that is safe and consumer friendly.



Q2 2023 in the Cannabis Industry Group

Cannabis Law Podcast – The 2023 Cannabis Dealmaking Landscape

Last month, Co-Chair of the Cannabis Industry Group Sander Zagzebski sat down with the Managing Director of Sharp Capital Advisors, Colin Campbell to discuss the current state of marijuana sector mergers and acquisitions and the cannabis dealmaking landscape in 2023.

Drug Policies Up In Smoke: What Legalization Means for Delaware Businesses

By: Robert T. Hoban and Molly DiBianca

On April 23, Delaware became the 22nd state in the country to legalize marijuana for recreational use. With the passage of the new law, Delaware employers face new challenges and questions. This article is intended to offer some answers.

The Intersection Between Marijuana and the 2nd Amendment: What Gun Owners Need to Know

By: Craig Small

Marijuana use has become increasingly common in the United States, with many states legalizing its use for medical or recreational purposes. However, U.S. federal law still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which means it is illegal under federal law. This creates a confusing legal landscape that can impact the rights of citizens, particularly when it comes to the US Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms. This article explores how U.S. marijuana laws affect citizens’ rights to bear arms and what this means for those who use marijuana.

FDA and CBD: No Pain Relief Anytime Soon for Industry

By: Michael A. Walsh

The FDA held a “stakeholders” call on May 25th to present information on how it reached its present stance concerning CBD and to answer a few questions. FDA’s presentation included its assessment of survey data concluding that the predominant uses of CBD are ingestion resulting in multiple adverse health effects. Based on its findings, FDA concluded that the safety profile for CBD ingestion does not fit into the definition of a food additive, but requires a health safety/”harm reduction” analysis, and tossed this politically charged hot potato to Congress.

Announcing the New Denver Clark Hill Office

This month, Clark Hill announced today that its Denver office has moved to 1400 Wewatta Street, Suite 550 in the Lower Downtown district near Union Station. With the move, Clark Hill is doubling its square footage in Denver from 6,000 square feet to just over 12,000. The expansion reflects the success of Clark Hill’s Cannabis Industry Group and the firm’s plans to build a full-service offering for clients out of its Denver office.

“Our Denver location will still be a hub for cannabis work at the firm, but we’re looking to attract talented attorneys with practices in other industries to serve a broader audience,” said Denver Member-in-Charge Robert Hoban. The new location has been built from scratch and features robust technology enhancements, several conference rooms equipped to encourage internal and external collaboration, a kitchen space, and a quiet meditation room. The office layout presents a hoteling floorplan to allow for frequent visitors and a rotating roster of attorneys working in the office and from home.

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