Trinidad: High-powered rifles, $2.6M worth of marijuana seized at Central bond

olice seized 16 high-powered rifles, five pistols, several thousand rounds of ammunition and $2.6M worth of marijuana at a bond in Central Trinidad on Friday.

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jabob, in a statement on Saturday, said the seizures were as a result of months of meticulous intelligence gathering and surveillance by a dedicated team of officers attached to an intelligence unit in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

He said: “I applaud the efforts of officers on both sides, the TTPS and Customs, they have done their part to ensure that illegal firearms, and more importantly, high-powered weapons did not reach their intended destination, into the hands of criminals.”

Between 2:30pm and 8:15pm, officers of the Central Division, in collaboration with officers of the Customs and Excise Division, acting on intelligence information, conducted searches at a bond in the Central Division.

During the search, the officers found and seized the following: four high-powered rifles, four pistols, two pistol magazines, 17 rifle magazines, 40 boxes of 7.62 ammunition and several component firearm parts.

Seven cans containing a quantity of marijuana weighing 3.7kg were also found amongst grocery items, hidden in a barrel.

During the search of a second barrel, the officers also found and seized the following: one pistol, 12 high powered rifles and five rifle magazines.

Six cans containing a quantity of marijuana weighing 5.2 kg were found among grocery items.

When weighed, the marijuana seized amounted to 8.9 kilograms, with an estimated street value of $2,670,000.

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