UK: North Finchley man tried to smuggle cannabis in crates of broccoli

Hazar Koz, 41, from North Finchley, used his extensive knowledge of the fruit and vegetable trade in his plot to bring £2 million of drugs to the UK from Spain and Morocco.

On Friday (November 10) he was jailed for 16 years while co-conspirator Lee Huseyin, 52, of Stepney Green, received a six-year prison sentence.

In June 2020 a Lithuanian lorry which had been stopped on the outskirts of Belfast was found to contain 585 bags of cannabis concealed in low quality broccoli.

Messages on Encrochat, an encrypted chat platform which was widely used by organised criminals, revealed that Koz and Huseyin had been planning the smuggling exercise for several months.

Koz, using the name Obsceneraptor, applied his knowledge of the fruit and vegetable trade to try to make the venture look legitimate.

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