Say hello to Maximillian White, “He was once the landlord of a pub in Radford”.  The Nottingham man has been sampled by Drake, was a dj in Majorica, owns bars and clubs on the Algarve and was an early investor in Beatport according to a report on the Nottinghamshire live website.

All fine by us.

The alarmbells start ringing when we read this sort of stuff

He now has 4 million followers on his Instagram account “thatboyyouhate”, where he shares snapshots of his life driving fast cars enjoying a lavish lifestyle.


We  get plenty of  the de-rigeur lifestyle photos…

Nottinghamshire-born entrepreneur Maximillian White by his swimming pool at one of his five homes


His twitter account provides the usual fodder


Remind you of anyone?

It should. Everybody’s favorite Insta idiot, Dan who has recently provided us with some more choice Instagram snaps to show  us all, that although his CBD company, Ignite,  is going down the gurgler he can still party like it is 1999.

Anybody spot the reference to the, look i’m still partying in December 2020 ?

Here at CLR we aren’t believers  but seeing this stuff  almost makes one wish for the rapture!


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Maximillian may not be cut from the same trust fund cloth and as they say, props to him, for that.

But men covered head to foot with tattoos constantly being photographed surrounded by accolytes and singing the praises of medical cannabis farms, in our experience of 5+ years of daily reporting in this sector, should come with a very large health warning.




Here’s the pitch to Nottighamshire live

But for now, he is planning a move to Majorca to be closer to his new business venture in Portugal.
He said: “It’s been a few years in the making but with the team we’ve got now we’ve gone to the stratosphere.
“People will be coming to us for the quality. We had a pandemic, an international disaster, all stocks went down but golden cannabis went up by 60%.
“This is the most rewarding thing I’ve done.”
He said the farm will produce its own medication to get the patient “the relief that they do not get from any other drug in the market” – as well as supplying to manufacturers.
He said the company will build a strain of medical marijuana specific to the patient – for people suffering with conditions like depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, anxiety and Alzheimer’s.
Maximillian said: “We also have a contract with an African government on the Ecuador line. The heat, the wind and the sun will make the best quality cannabis in the world.
“Our biggest plantations are in Portugal but we’ve also got some in Africa for quality. We’re going to have spa retreats too where we can analyse people and create a strain of marijuana for everything that’s going on in their body.
“We also have an app so people can see their plants and how they’re growing. It’s really interesting.
“We’re going to grow a lot of cannabis, around 1.5bn euros worth a year.”


Read more if you need to hear the standard hasn’t the boy done well patter and we always love the classic line….

Maximillian admits he admits he is “world’s away” from his former life in Nottinghamshire but said he “is still the same person”.


We note has  worked hard with his media profile in the past week.

The PR agency has definitely been working overtime.

We also get these pieces

Sovereign Magazine where the pitch is, shall we put it, blatant


UK’s first Cannabis Billionaire? We speak to prolific entrepreneur Maximillian White about his latest venture

If you happen to be watching the stock market you may have noticed that cannabis producers and sellers are becoming rising stars on indexes in North America. Companies such as Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC), Cronos Group Inc. (CRON), and Tilray Inc. (TLRY) are flourishing even under extreme economic uncertainty brought on by 2020’s global pandemic. 

The reason is simple, cannabis legalisation has hit a tipping point and both Canada and the United States (albeit on a state by state basis) have legalised cannabis use with Mexico on course to become only the third country in the world to do so. 

Things are slightly different in Europe, with legalisation still years away and a complicated picture of partial legalisation (Netherlands) , decriminalisation (Portugal) and outright banning across EU Member States.

However, there is one area that holds potential for would be investors and that is medical use. 

Medical Cannabis

It has long been argued (and more recently proven) that the cannabis plant holds some truly remarkable medical properties. It’s criminalisation and ensuing global war on drugs has for many decades severely limited the scope for research into its medical applications. 


Lad Bible: Brit Set To Become Cannabis Billionaire Spent £3m On Red Wine


Good to see that Scottish Financial News takes it all with a healthy pinch of salt ! Perfectly succinct piece of writing that says it all in the subtext.

And finally… on cloud wine

Maximillian White owns a large cannabis farm in Portugal, employing hundreds of staff and exports to clients all around the world, LadBible reports.

Mr White has said that one of his main hobbies is collecting red wine. He said he has about £3m of it. He also owns 50 homes in Dubai, and large properties in the UK, Spain and Thailand.


Here he is on You Tube from 2017