UK – Very Bad Luck! Passenger caught with cannabis after taxi stopped for speeding

A MAN was caught with cannabis in his possession after police pulled over the taxi he was in for speeding. 

Lewis Ryecroft, 30, was the front seat passenger in a taxi being driven on Church Road in Harrington on December 20, Workington Magistrates’ Court heard.

Pamela Fee, prosecuting, said the taxi driver “drove away at high speed” after seeing a police vehicle.

The taxi was pulled over and there was a “strong smell of cannabis”. A search was carried out and two joints were found and seized by the officers.

Ryecroft admitted he was in possession of cannabis and said it was to smoke on his own.

Ms Fee said the defendant was last before the court in January 2022 for cannabis possession.

Claire Kirkpatrick, defending, said: “He was fully cooperative with police. He got in the taxi. The taxi driver ended up getting pulled over for speeding. He happened to be the passenger.

“He fully accepts he had the cannabis on him. He has only used it very occasionally. This was just before Christmas and he bought some.”

Ryecroft, of Church Road, Harrington, pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled drug of Class B.

He was fined £238 and must pay £85 costs and a £95 victim surcharge. An order was made for the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.


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