West Australia: Cannabis Senator Manouvered Out By Labor On “Confiscation Reform”

Cannabiz Australia’s headline reads

Dr Brian Walker slams WA government for ‘criminal’ inaction on confiscation reform

It’s is now past the halfway mork for both Walker and Moermand in the upper house and as the the first specifically cannabis reps to be voted in the country I’d suggest they have been consistently out manouvered by the incumbent state labor govt on literally every move they’ve tried to make to improve life for medical cannabis users, nevermind adult use.

The fault isn’t really theirs although sometimes it does seem they have been a bot slow to learn the wiley ways of their opponents

Read the story below by Cannabiz Australia which acts as a prime example of how they are blocked at every point of entry

They entered the assembly on preferences it’ll be interesting to see now what happens in a couple of years when they are up for re-election.

Maybe they have a plan ( I’m thinking not) but they really do need to somehow deliver something however minor to illustrate that a cannabis rep is worthwhile. One thing i have noticed over the past couple of years is that we’ve yet to see a press release from Walker or Moermand where another rep from one political persuasion is standing beside them proudly supporting the cause.

Time to make some political friends and engage action mode otherwise it gives the impression that they’ve just been keeping the seats warm for someone else

Dr Brian Walker slams WA government for ‘criminal’ inaction on confiscation reform

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