Why You Should Buy a Grow Tent Fan

The Grow Tent and Some Considerations


For the keen gardener, having a year round garden is a bit of a dream and If you live in a climate which is conducive to that, you will have no difficulty in creating your perfect space but for many of us, such is not the case and in order to create our year round garden, we have to look at bringing the outdoors into the indoors. One way that we can do that is to make use of a Grow Tent with an ac infinity fan. A Grow Tent is essentially a canvas structure which is made from a robust material such as polyester or nylon. The tents come in all manner of sizes and the smaller of the tents take up very little space, making them ideal for any home, even those with limited space on offer. Grow Tents are very popular as they allow the grower to essentially be in total control of their growing environment. In the outdoors of course, we cannot control the environment  and sometimes, despite our best efforts, crops are still susceptible to disease and damage from crop eating insects. Climate, temperature and rainfall are all very unpredictable and even for those with more predictable climates, the unforeseen and unexpected can happen and so an indoor growing medium becomes very attractive.


The Grow Tent can be used by both the experienced grower and the complete novice. It is extremely easy to set up and a bit of research will help with all of the different choices that will have to be made. Using your tent allows you to grow all kinds of crops, fruit, vegetables, herbs and increasingly, tents are being used for the cultivation of cannabis plants.


In order that the outdoor environment is created in the best possible way, certain types of equipment will have to be purchased and we are going to focus on the purchase and need for one particular piece of equipment, the Grow Tent Fan but before we do that, there are other considerations which must not be overlooked,


  • You will need to decide on the system that you will use for growing your plants. Your plants will need to obtain their nutrients and the traditional way that plants do this is from the soil. This, however, is not the only vehicle available to supply your plants with their nutrients and some of the seasoned growers prefer a method known as Hydroponics. This method does not use soil and instead uses a medium such as rock wood or pebbles to hold a nutrient rich solution into which the plant would dip their roots. This method  is known for its ability to produce some excellent yields but there is arguably more to it than the traditional soil method. Aeroponics is somewhat similar to Hydroponics but instead of the plant dipping their roots into the solution, the solution is misted or sprayed across the plants. Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages and different growers will prefer one method over another. There is nothing to stop you experimenting with all of the methods to come up with the one that suits you best.


  • Within your tent, you will have to give consideration to the type of lighting that you are going to use. There are different styles on offer and lighting is going to be important for the success of your plants.


  • Ventilation will be important and that will work hand in hand with the air circulation which your fan is going to provide.


  • You will also need to consider a dehumidifier for your set up which again will work hand in hand with your fan.


  • If you are growing plants, like cannabis, which are likely to give off a strong odor, you can eliminate this odor by using a carbon filter. This is particularly important, especially with cannabis, so that you can avoid the smell circulating through your entire house and even to the outdoors.


  • You will also have to buy trays, tubs, netting etc to complement your particular growing method.


The Grow Tent Fan


Plants are naturally inclined to want to grow in the fresh air and in order that your plant feels at home with that environment, a grow fan will provide the breeze that they are used to having in the open air. The gentle breeze that can be created by the fan will move the plants from side to side and back and forward and in doing so, they will naturally strengthen their stems, making for an all round healthier plant. Your fan will work very much with your ventilation system and will work to keep the air fresh and constantly changing and moving across your plants. Without the air movement, the air can become stagnant and stale, remember you are working with your plants in an enclosed environment, you have to create the movement of the air as it will not move naturally by itself. If you allow your air to stagnate, you will open your plants to mold, mildew and other nasties like rot, spiders and mites. It should be remembered that as soon as disease gets into your plant structure, their growth along with their quality and your yield will be hugely compromised and in fact it could spell death for your entire crop as when one plant becomes damaged, the disease can easily spread throughout the entire crop leaving you with nothing to show for your expense and efforts. The air quality is extremely important for healthy plants and successful yields. Air blowing through your tent structure will also help remove excess water from the plants as it will move any water droplets from the leaves. Insects will find it very difficult to survive where there is a breeze, they are unable to fly successfully and they are unable to settle and rest on any part of the plant for too long without being blown away and so much less likely to be able to carry out their damage. If you are using a soil medium, the action of the fan blowing across the soil at the top keeps it in a dry state and as many of the pests like a warm and wet environment, you are likely to see less of them. Having the fan also allows for an even temperature throughout your tent structure allowing you to avoid particular hotspots. Your fan or fans should however be carefully placed in order that this can happen. Contrary to what some people believe, you do not need to purchase expensive fans, a cheaper fan will really do the same job but check the reviews on the fan before you make your purchase as each will have their own particular advantages and disadvantages and as everyone has different likes and dislikes, what will work for one person will not necessarily work for another. Fans can be attached to your tent in different ways but a convenient and simple way of attaching a fan would be to purchase one which clips on to your structure. Some fans can also be placed on the floor and the number of fans, the size of the fan and the type of fan will be dictated by the size of your tent. It is important that you provide the correct number of fans. You want to make sure that the air circulates around your plants and so it would make sense to have a fan system below the plant and a system above the plant. Your fan cannot be placed too close to the plant either as too much of a breeze can cause damage to the structure of the plant, remember that you are trying to recreate only a gentle breeze so give consideration to the power of the fan that you buy and for smaller tents perhaps more of the less powerful fans would be called for. Once you have placed your fans in your tent, make sure that you check all parts of the tent to make sure that air is circulating throughout, not missing any of the corners. If you have too much wind, you will damage the leaves of the plants which will burn from the wind. It is very much going to be something that you will have to keep your eye on until you make sure that your plants are operating under the optimal conditions for their growth.


If you are new to the concept of indoor gardening and the Grow Tent, as with any venture, you are going to have to spend some time on your research so as not to make some of the mistakes common to those who are just starting out. Starting with a small operation is less costly if mistakes are made. There is a lot of information out there and some of it is quite complex, try not to become too caught up with the complexities of the process, keep it simple and work to adjust your methods as you go along.



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