Arizona Draft Rules Adult Use Cannabis Regulation

Adult-Use Marijuana (Exempt)

As part of the election in November 2020, voters approved Proposition 207, establishing A.R.S. Title 36, Chapter 28.2, relating to “the responsible adult use, regulation and taxation of marijuana.” A.R.S. § 36-2854 requires the Department to adopt rules to implement and enforce A.R.S. Title 36, Chapter 28.2, for regulating “marijuana, marijuana products, marijuana establishments and marijuana testing facilities.” A.R.S. § 36-2855 requires marijuana facility agents to be registered with the Department. As required by A.R.S. Title 36, Chapter 28.2, the Department is establishing requirements for the Adult-use Marijuana Program in A.A.C. Title 9, Chapter 18. Pursuant to Proposition 207, the Department is exempt from the rulemaking requirement of A.R.S. Title 41, Chapters 6 and 6.1 for 60 months after the effective date of the law.

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Proposition 207

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