Australia: A quarter of all advertising complaints received by the TGA relate to medicinal cannabis

Considering the size of the medical cannabis industry this is shocking.

I really hope the tabloid press in Australia pick up on this  and the offenders simply get closed down and the whole cartel gets a major kick up the pants.

Increasing proof that the Australian “medical cannabis sector” is a furphy and needs a complete shake up.

Of course what would shake it up the quickest is regulating adult use and  not allowing anybody in the existing medical sector to supply the adult sector. Mostly these operators say they are against adult use in order to protect their revenues. Chuck them on an open and free market, that’ll sort them out!

It’s laughable that the MCIA (Medical Cannabis Industry Association) in Australia has said  it has had “a robust discussion” on the topic

Remember this is the guy who heads up the MCIA. If you don’t recognize him juust scroll down to the end of this story to see some of the great things he has achieved .

Quite simply the sector needs to be re-structured, some proper legislation enacted and the same tired old faces meed to be shifted out of all and any industry bodies and replaced ,we’d suggest ,by people under the age of 40 who have an understanding of the bigger picture of the nexus between the black market and the “legal” market in Australia

It’s been beyond a joke for a long time now.


Cannabiz Australia write

A quarter of all advertising complaints received by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) concern medicinal cannabis, it has emerged.

In a meeting with Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA), the regulator’s advertising compliance branch said the department is resourcing up to better handle the workload.

MCIA had what it described as “a robust discussion” regarding the TGA’s draft updated advertising guidance for businesses involved with medicinal cannabis products, and how it could provide members with a better understanding of advertising compliance and leverage its code of conduct to support the industry.

MCIA executive officer Patty Holmes and chair Peter Crock visited Canberra recently for meetings with the TGA – including a first face-to-face with new boss Professor Tony Lawler – government advisors and the Parliamentary Friends of Medicinal Cannabis Group (PFMCG).

MCIA described the meeting with Lawler as “positive and wide-ranging”. While acknowledging the complex working environment, they took the opportunity to flag how the legislative framework has inconsistencies and inefficiencies that continue to create issues for companies working in the sector.


A quarter of all advertising complaints received by the TGA relate to medicinal cannabis


Peter Crock- Are you ready …

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