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Alabama forbids CBD in food:

CBD as a treatment and protectant for Traumatic Brain Injury:

UK bans 100 CBD products including Charlotte’s Web:

Coors exits CBD drink joint venture with HEXO due to “no near-term pathway to federal legalization:”

Newsweek on studies showing cows fed industrial hemp experienced behavioral changes, and, THC was transferred to milk:

FDA sends warning letters to 5 companies for illegally selling food and beverages with CBD:;

Attorney Jon Haven’s analysis of recent FDA letters:

Kentucky Governor signs executive order to regulate Delta 8:

Terpenes to treat autism symptoms unresponsive to CBD:


Hemp’s potential role in combatting climate change:

USDA collecting data on hemp production for census to affect policy:

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller elected to a third term:


Texas DPS in process of proposing new rules to govern an anticipated expanded program:

5 Texas cities vote to locally decriminalize marijuana possession:

3 of the 5 Local governments push back and pause Texas city decriminalization vote:;

Ground Game Texas responds to local government resistance to marijuana decriminalization:

Texas DSHS holds hearing Dec. 1 to discuss guidelines for limitations on driving privileges for those under the Texas Compassionate Use Act and Texas Controlled Substances Act:   (I submitted public comment)

Texas:  article on current market:

Texas single mom being evicted from apartment for being legal medical marijuana patient:

Mississippi former governor opens marijuana testing lab:

Oklahoma murder suspect arrested for killing 4 people on marijuana farm:

North Carolina’s first legal medical marijuana harvest begins:

Florida Federal Judge dismisses lawsuit by its Ag Commissioner seeking to allow medical marijuana patients to own guns:

Party’s over for Colorado’s marijuana market; sales and wholesale prices at lowest since 2014:

Missouri already released draft marijuana regulations:

Missouri could start adult retail in February 2023:

New York Times on cannabis farmers:

Politico on the rampant black market in California and New York:

Kentucky Governor signs executive order allowing medical marijuana possession by patients from other states:

Nevada regulators receive over 100 consumption lounge applications; expect to award in early 2023:

Nevada holding lottery drawing for 20 consumption lounge licenses 11/30:

3 out of 5 state marijuana legalization ballots were rejected, marking an end to approval every time marijuana is on the ballot:

Time Mag on why marijuana legalization failed in midterms:

Analysis of voting on marijuana ballot initiatives:

Marijuana Moment analysis of marijuana legalization’s poor performance:

Cookies brand to sell marijuana seeds for home grow:

Marijuana research bill sent to President Biden:

White House says President Biden will sign marijuana research bill:

Attorney Shane Pennington on why the research bill is not all it’s cracked up to be:

Feds revise marijuana use questions on job applications:

Feds release updated marijuana banking data:

Congress discussing marijuana banking reform:

Bankruptcy court holds for the first time that a debtor’s ownership interest in cannabis companies did not compel dismissal of the bankruptcy case:

Reports on quantity and other market stats of marijuana grown in U.S.:

See you at 4:20!! Cannabis benefits middle-aged brain according to Psychology Today:

Latest polls showing 7 in 10 Americans back marijuana legalization:;

10% of Americans believe marijuana should be illegal:

UK Scientists propose recommendations to allow real world study of cannabis treatments:

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield launch Holy Ears edibles:

Vice on treating NFL player concussions with cannabis:

Krispie Kreme and others lobbying to keep marijuana illegal:

Legal intro to obtaining cannabis related intellectual property protections:

Politico on marijuana legalization status across Europe:


New psychedelics medical journal:

A walk through Oregon’s psychedelics regulation implementation:

Map showing the 2/3 of Oregon that opted out of psychedelics legalization:

Colorado measure decriminalizing mushrooms and paving way for regulation passes in Colorado:

Bill introduced in US Congress to reschedule psychedelics to Schedule II:

MAPS completes second phase 8 MDMA trial for PTSD:

“The top-line results are expected in the first quarter of 2023. This is the second of two Phase 3 pivotal trials and will be the basis for the New Drug Application (“NDA”) expected to be submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) in the third quarter of 2023. The FDA granted MDMA-AT Breakthrough Therapy Designation, a process designed to expedite development and review of drugs intended to treat serious conditions and that demonstrate substantial improvement over available therapies.”

Subscribe to the MAPS bulletin:

Right to Try litigation with DEA:

These are news stories for general information purposes only, and not legal advice.  I do not vouch for the accuracy of the articles but I do try to ensure legitimate sourcing. Contact me if you want to see how any of the above affects you or your business plans.


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