South Carolina State Senator Tedder questions DHEC’s directive on hemp products in food and beverages

ABC News reports

State Senator Deon Tedder (D, S.C.–42) has released a statement in response to the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) recent letter to farmers and businesses in the hemp industry instructing them it is forbidden to sell food or beverage products containing most hemp derivatives.

“I have been closely monitoring the impact of DHEC’s January 22nd letter restricting labeling of hemp-derived ingredients in food products,” Senator Tedder stated. “This action has caused confusion and disruption within the hemp industry, which has responsibly adhered to federal regulations and accurately represented its products.”

DHEC’s letter sent out on Jan. 22 outlined the following hemp products are not approved to be added to food or beverage products:

  • Viable, non-sterilized hemp seeds, raw hemp leaves, and raw micro greens, and any other raw, unprocessed form of hemp biomass as they are considered “plant material” and may not be possessed without a Grower or Processor License.
  • Pure CBD Isolate.
  • Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, or Delta-10 THC.
  • THC-0 or any other derivative.
  • “Full spectrum” whole-plant extract (i.e. “full spectrum hemp oil/extract” from biomass) if it includes health claims, or bears any sort of declaration of THC or CBD.
  • Any hemp product that is NOT manufactured in a food-grade establishment inspected under GMP or cGMP regulations.
  • Any hemp product that is NOT manufactured in a food-grade establishment inspected under GMP or cGMP regulations.

This recent letter from DHEC has already impacted some local businesses. High Rise, a Charleston-based hemp beverage company, announced a temporary pause in its distribution options within South Carolina, which went into effect Feb. 5.

“While I applaud DHEC’s commitment to public health,” Senator Tedder said. “I urge the agency to prioritize actions that address our most pressing health concerns. I request full transparency regarding the rationale behind this decision and any evidence linking noncompliant hemp products to adverse health outcomes.”

Senator Tedder concluded his statement by asking for access to all information DHEC used in reaching this decision to send the letter.

Read his letter in full at

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